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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Please allow me to reintroduce my blog to you all! I took a much needed Y E A R L O N G break to focus on all of the other aspects of my biz (advertising, branding, shooting, yada yada) and now I’m finally able to use some downtime to WRITE! I thought, what a perfect way to get back into this thing than to show you my most recent forever day!

On July 10th, I had the honor of photographing this gorgeous day. It was shortened due to COVID-19 to just the ceremony, but we will be celebrating their marriage in party form next summer! Until then, we will have these gems to reminisce their intimate vow exchange.

We started the day with some detail and getting ready shots! David’s one lucky guy. Look at how insanely perfect Hali is as a bride!

Next up, I had to give their bling some love too. I actually made David take off his shoes for this one. Were they a little warm? Yes. Was that a risk I was willing to take for this shot? Also yes.

These two didn’t even seem nervous - They were READY to tie the knot, and do so in front of their close family, friends, and my clumsy self. (I say clumsy because WOW did my glasses fall off my face 4575932 times and did I trip on myself 55605383 times? I’ll let you take a wild guess on that one. I embarrass myself constantly when I’m shooting. I’ve learned to accept the fact that I will forever be weird and do weird things in front of my couples...sigh.)

I was masked up the entire day, and so were the guests. All safety precautions were taken, which makes me feel good. It’s a strange world we are living in, but I sure love some hand sanitizer in a time like this. Something about mask photos feels crazy to me. Our great grandchildren are going to read about what we are doing right now in history books someday.

We ended this ceremony with some outdoor bridal party photos. For it being the middle of July in Texas, it was surprisingly nice outside. It kind of looked like it was going to rain, then it was 1,000 degrees, and finally cooled off. Gotta love Texas.

As a creative, I didn’t realize how immensely important it is for me to be active with my creativity. This day did that for me. Although the future is so unknown right now, our financial state, mental health, and well being as a country is all sort of rocky, I find so much peace in doing things that feel “normal” to me. Weddings feel normal to me. It’s about to be wedding season, so be on the look out for all kinds of weddings to be filling up your feeds from me.

Until then, stay safe! See you soon.

—Mia, Stinkin‘ Sweet Photo + Film

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